AKG Motorsport SF289 Rear Subframe Bushing Set, Poly 95A (BMW E28, 1983+ E24)


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Rear Subframe Bushing Set, Poly 95A for BMW E28, E24. The stock rubber subframe bushings deflect as torque moves through the drivetrain, which allows the entire rear end to move. ?Upgrading your stock subframe bushings to AKG's poly 95A subframe bushings ?will greatly reduce subframe movement for improved power transfer to the rear wheels. It is also the first step in maintaining proper rear-end geometry and alignment. ?The material used for the subframe bushing location(s) ?should match the material used for the diff mount bushing(s). ? These medium-hard 95A durometer polyurethane subframe bushings are our performance-spec compound bushings (as opposed to AKG's race-spec 75D compound). They are designed for those who want a noticeable increase in performance out of their vehicle, but would still like to retain as much of a comfortable ride as possible (such as with a daily driver). AKG's U.S. Military Spec 95A durometer compound is hard, yet slightly pliable - with elasticity and memory. This exclusive compound allows AKG to manufacture a bushing with high performance characteristics that are free from the deformation which plastic bushings (Delrin, UHMW) are very prone to. Made of AKG's exlusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane (95A hardness) with aluminum sleeves. Set of two subframe bushings. Engineered ?for a perfect fit. Read why AKG's polyurethane bushings are the highest quality bushings available. Recommended Use: ? TRACK / PERFORMANCE NVH Increase: Medium Designed for the following models: BMW E28 (1984-1988) 5-series, M5 BMW E24 (1983+) 6-series, M6 Made in USA

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