Automac Race and Rally Seat Side Mounts BMW E46


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New 2013 version Steel side mounts - will fit Cobra, OMP and Sprcoand other seats seats

Will fit straight onto E$6 existing mounts (all varients) so no hassle or problems fitting and quick removal and refitting as reguied for adjustment or use as passenger seat etc

Originally designed with Cobra Monaco and Evolution seats which are out best selling seat but due to demand modified to allow fitment to other different size seats and height adjustment - as used in our own and many other race, trackday and rally cars

powder coated black
weight 3kg a side

High quality construction

as pictured (shows LH fitted into an E46 )- for RH and LH (driver and navigator) depends on whether RHD or LHD car so please specify by email or call to specify to avoid errors - this listing or one pair of mounts to fit one seat

Free post possible for some carclubs and race series


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