Race Car Preparation

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Automac build, prepare and maintain BMWs for trackdays and club racing in various UK championships.
We can help with everything you need to get on track, from sourcing a suitable car, through the build/preparation and then finally getting you out on track.
All our cars are built to high standards and meet all of the MSA specification safety requirements as well as the specific regulations for the race series you plan to enter.
Whether your looking for fun racing on a budget or you want a crack a title we can prepare a car to your budget and requirements.
To discuss your next race car or preparing your existing car please get in touch.


Take advantage of our race winning expertise and fine tune your vehicle to extract the maximum performance potential from man and machine.


At the track is where we want to be. We offer a full support packages at races. We can be there to help you to set up, prepare and maintain your car over a race weekend, letting you get out there and enjoy the racing. We’re here to help your weekends go as smoothly as possible. 


Accident damage repair
Discs, pads and braking
Engine builds / rebuilding
Pre-race checks and servicing
Roll cage fitting / roll bar fitting
Suspension setup
Wheel alignment & geometry setup and checking